The Basic Plan is great for beginners. If you have a limited marketing budget or intend to publish your interactmag once a month or less, then a basic plan may be right for you.
The Intermediate Plan is ideal for brands that plan to publish magazines more frequently. It also comes with a higher level of support for its users.
The advanced plan is optimal for users who have a large marketing budget and require unlimited issues. With this plan, users have access to premium templates that are available only for Advanced Plan customers as well as a higher level of support and a dedicated account manager.
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How do I know which interactmag plan fits my needs?

To figure out which interactmag plan is right for you, ask yourself these questions:
  • How many different brand profiles do I need?
  • Do I plan to publish more than 12 issues in a year? More than 20? 
  • What is my marketing budget?
  • How much flexibility do I want in choosing templates?
  • How important are different analytics to my initiative?
Our advanced plan offers you the greatest amount of flexibility:
  • 6 different brand profiles
  • unlimited published issues
  • access to premium templates
  • up to 4 training sessions
Don’t need all that flexibility? Check out our basic and intermediate plans to find the communications solution that’s right for you.
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