Welcome to interactmag. Below we’ve listed answers to some of the most common questions about our company and products. Simply click on the question to see the answer.

Getting Started

What is interactmag all about?
interactmag is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that allows you to create dynamic and highly engaging interactive magazines. interactmag allows designers and non-designers, and developers and non-developers alike to create remarkable interactive experiences. It is as easy as uploading your photos to a social networking site and posting comments on blogs. Our page templates make it easier than ever for anyone to create outstanding digital marketing materials. But don't worry, just because you are using our templates doesn't mean that your interactive magazine will look like everyone else's. Our templates have a lot of flexibility built into them to help make every magazine look like one of a kind. We even give you the option to load full-page images and SWF files to ensure that your magazine is unique and memorable. Check out our sample interactmag to see all of our features in action!
What can I use interactmag for?
There are so many different ways to use interactmag, but here are a few of the most common ones:
   • Internal Communication Updates
   • External Marketing Updates
   • Newsletters
   • Interactive Sales Sheets
   • Online Magazines
   • Content Marketing
   • Pre-Read Content for Presentations
   • Leave-Behind Content for Presentations
   • Presentations
   • Touchscreen Kiosks (hotel lobbies, tradeshows, point of purchase displays, etc.)
   • Case Studies
   • Donor/Alumni Relations
How do I get started?
To start creating your own interactmag issues, you will need to call us and set up an account at 317.629.1892. Once your account has been set up, you can start your interactmag journey.
How much does interactmag cost?
There are three different levels available to users - basic, intermediate and advanced. All levels are competitively priced and designed to work with your budget. Please contact us to request pricing.
How do I sign up for interactmag?
Call us at 317.629.1892 or email and we will get your account set up today!
I want to create an interactmag but I don't think I have time or experience to create a great magazine. What can I do?
Say no more, we can help you create an engaging platform that will live up to the standard that your brand deserves. Whether you need help with content, flash animations or video production, we've got you covered.


Can I buy additional issues individually?
We do not sell additional issues outside of the subscription plan. The best option is to upgrade your subscription plan to a higher level. The Advanced plan level allows you to create an unlimited number of Issues!
Will my subscription automatically renew?
No, interactmag will never automatically renew your subscription. We will reach out to you via email and/or phone as your renewal date draws closer.
How long does my subscription last?
Our subscriptions are good for a year from the date of purchase. At the end of your subscription you can choose to continue with your current plan, change your subscription level or you can decide not to renew. If you decide not to renew, your magazines will no longer be active online. We will send you a notice via email and/or when your subscription is approaching its renewal period.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription level during the subscription period?
We would be happy to discuss upgrade options with you; however, we do not offer downgrade options at this time.

Using interactmag

What is a Brand Profile?
Your Brand Profile allows you to customize your magazines to fit your personality. Brand Profiles let you upload logos and text and let you pick up to five colors per profile. Depending on the subscription level that you choose, you may be able to add just one brand profile, up to three brand profiles or up to six brand profiles. You only need to create one brand profile to get started on your first magazine. After that you can add profiles at anytime throughout your subscription.
How do I create a new Brand Profile?
To create a Brand Profile, simply select ‘Add Brand Profile’ which is located just to the left of ‘Home’.  From here you can:

   • label your brand
   • provide a logo or text for your header bar (optional)
   • select colors for your header bar, screen background and navigation buttons
   • select colors for two additional brand colors (optional)
   • and select the default video quality for your brand

If you have already created a brand and would like to edit or revise it, simply select ‘Edit Brand’ which is located to the right of your brand on the ‘Home’ page.
How do I create a new issue?
You will find the ‘Add Issue’ selection just to the right of your brand – this is where you can create the settings for your issue.  From here you can:

   • create your issue name
   • create a password for your issue (optional)
   • select social media sharing features (optional)
   • create two custom linkable buttons (optional)
   • select an instructional page flip graphic (optional)
   • include copy for your informational window
   • and override the default video quality for your issue (optional)

Once you submit the issue settings, you are automatically directed to ‘Edit Pages’ and you can begin adding pages and content to your issue.
What if I want to know how many people actually look at my interactmag?
You can see this when you access your analytics for an issue. At the basic level plan, you will be able to check how many visits each issue had, including how many page views and basic video stats. As you move up in the subscription plans, you get access to more detailed analytics features.
How do I use the tablet version of interactmag?
Simply click on the interactmag link or type the address into the address bar in your browser. Remember you it is not an app so you must have access to the internet to view interactmag.
How do I create a tablet compatible interactmag?
Creating a tablet compatible version of interactmag is simple. You will be prompted to create a tablet version of any template that you’ve inserted .SWF (Flash) files into. Just change the Flash files to JPGs or any other accepted image format and now you have the tablet compatible version and the computer version of your interactmag issue available from the same link.
Will all of the features of my interactmag work on the tablet version?
With the exception of .SWF (Flash) files, all other assets including slideshows, videos, audio and copy will all be the same on the tablet version of your magazine.


Is interactmag mobile/tablet compatible?
interactmag is now tablet compatible. However, it is not designed for all mobile use including smartphones.
Where is my interactmag hosted?
When you sign-up for interactmag you will be given an account domain (i.e. All of the issues you create will be hosted inside of this domain. Advanced Plan users will have the ability to embed their issues on other websites using iFrame code.
What type of software do I need on my computer?
Adobe Flash player 9 or higher is needed to run interactmag.
What browsers will interactmag work with?
interactmag will work with most modern web browsers. It is not compatible with Internet Explorer 6.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at or give us a call at 317.629.1892 and one of our support team members will assist you.